Team #8: Legion


“Victory in the pit is not achieved by one neohuman. Victory is the product of the whole team.” – Marcus Rodilino-Como, Legion assistant coach

With the inexorable might and discipline of their ancient namesake, Legion marches into every slaughterdome determined to vanquish their opponents in a bloody spectacle of athletic superiority. Possessing an impressive list of varied skills, Legion requires an experienced coach to lead them to victory.

This Slaughterball expansion team includes 12 large plastic athlete figures and a team reference card.


No assembly required.

A complete game of Slaughterball (sold separately) is required to use this expansion team.

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Product Description

Legion is a thoroughly disciplined team of well-armored athletes, each with their own skills to contribute to the team. They excel at cooperating with each other to overcome opponents through teamwork. The cleavers are the foundation of this team unity. They are tactical geniuses who grant all teammates a bonus to their tests, plus they can hand out additional Onslaught tokens!

It will require an experienced coach to fully understand and lead Legion to victory. You’ll have to familiarize yourself with their impressive list of skills, and stay aware of every team member at all times to make sure you utilize them to their fullest potential. Legion is one of the most complicated teams to lead to victory, so be sure you are up to the task.

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