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Team #7: Katanas


“A team is like an army. If only one champion's blade is sharp, you will lose. You must sharpen all the blade's in the army.” – Mira Niner Katai, Katanas razor

Tapping into their rich history, Honshu Tek created a team of samurai-themed athletes that quickly became the most popular team in the Tokyo Metrofecture. Now, with many years of strong performances, the Katanas frequently break into the playoffs and have more than one championship trophy hanging in their dojo.

This Slaughterball expansion team includes 12 large plastic athlete figures and a team reference card.


No assembly required.

A complete game of Slaughterball (sold separately) is required to use this expansion team.

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With three skilled butchers, Katanas coaches should concentrate on weakening opposing teams from round one. Get your butchers and slashers into the center so they can use their mobility and power to dominate your opponents. Be sure to set up field coverage with your butchers. Their automatic carve skill can really block off entire slices of the pit. No one wants to run around those guys. After you’ve thinned out your opponents, you can have your razor snag the lonely ball and start scoring goals.

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