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Promotional items: Bonus cards, plastic tokens, more mavericks!

We’re down to our last stock of promotional items not available in stores. We’re having a one-time only promotional sale on these to clean out the warehouse. Everything is 80% off, including promotional items never before sold in stores!

Maverick box: Six more unique mavericks to hire for your teams! At this great price, you can buy six of the boxes and field an entire unsanctioned team of six duplicate mavericks!

Bonus cards: A pack of 60 cards including 20 Coach cards with more optional rules, 10 blank strategy cards to design your own, and 30 collector cards highlighting great legends of Slaughterball!

Plastic tokens: 17 plastic tokens to replace the cardboard versions in the game. One round tracker, four goal doors, and 12 onslaught tokens.


All other products also at 80% off! Team boxes for less than $6 each! That’s 50 cents per mini!

At this price you can get a SECOND copy of each Team box so you can field a team of all butchers!  Or all razors! All slasher! All cleavers!

Imagine an unsanctioned exhibition match where each of the four teams has 6 butchers! 24 butchers in the pit at once! Total carnage!

Quantities are limited, so don’t wait to get the carnage you need!

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In a dark future of crowded metroplexes, jaded citizens, and technological excess, only one thing can slake the wanton demand for brutal entertainment: SLAUGHTERBALL! CarnButcher2

Slaughterball simulates a violent future sport of genetically engineered super-athletes. Two to four teams clash in a remorseless steel pit, striving for maximum carnage and conquest. You are the coach of a team of six neohumans, from the swift and fragile razor to the towering and furious butcher. Guide them in your merciless quest for victory, and make your opponents eat steel!

The basic scrimmage rules are easy to learn but with enough strategic options to fuel endless hours of thrilling victories and agonizing defeats. Or try out the exhibition rules for more depth of play. Or commit to a full league season to catapult your team into the stratosphere of Slaughterball legend!

Get crunchy and start shopping now!


Gameplay features include:

  • Fully supports 2-, 3-, or 4-player games with a 27″, lavishly illustrated, double-sided game board: one side is the Octagon for 2- and 4-player games and the other side is the Hexagon for 3-player games.
  • Three modes of play: basic Scrimmage mode for learning with identical teams, Exhibition mode with asymmetrical teams possessing different traits and skills, and League mode where you can improve your athletes over several games.
  • Risk-based scoring: score more points by choosing to take riskier shots further away from the goals.
  • Instantly score additional points by injuring your opponents.
  • 50 skills for athlete improvement, including Savagery, Awesome Brute, Immaculate Reception, Daunt, Thwart, and more.
  • Underdog rules with Edge tokens to give you a chance against more experienced teams.
  • League support staff: cheerleaders, mascots, physicians, assistant coaches, and agents.
  • The Spike action, which lets you use the solid steel slaughterball as a projectile weapon to injure opponents.