Team Arena #1: Carnage


“Always enter the arena angry.” – Gomez Wurzel-4per-Bongglo, Slaughterball fan

A 27″, lavishly illustrated, double-sided game board depicting team Carnage's home arena: the Dungeon!

Unique and all new game board art with new rules for fighting the green meanies in their home dome!

Descending into the depths of the earth, visiting teams tremble as they near the torturous slaughterdome known as The Dungeon. Filled with jagged clusters of agonizing steel spikes, casualties run high in Carnage home games. And even though any team can use the many spikes to brutalize opponents, it’s the goblinoids of team Carnage who never fail to impale.

Plastic athletes not included. A complete game of Slaughterball (sold separately) is required to use this expansion game board.

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The Dungeon: Octagon and Hexagon sides




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