Team Arena #8: Legion


“Millenia ago, Rome was the glittering gem of arena spectacle. Today, the gem is wherever Legion clashes with worthy competitors. But the Colosseum is still where that gem sparkles the brightest.” – Andrea Scarpo, Legion marketing director

A 27″, lavishly illustrated, double-sided game board depicting the Legion home arena: the Colosseum!

Unique and all new game board art with new rules for fighting the citizens of Rome in their home dome!

One of the Seven Hills of Metroplex Roma now boasts a triple-sized replica of the ancient Roman Colosseum. It's in this majestic arena that team Legion challenges opponents. In a nod to the brutal spectacles that once dominated the Eternal City, games at the Colosseum release wild mavericks into the pits to inflict indiscriminate chaos and suffering.

Plastic athletes not included. A complete game of Slaughterball (sold separately) is required to use this expansion game board.

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The Colosseum: Octagon and Hexagon sides






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