Team Arena #7: Katanas


“A small arena forces you to have a better strategy.” – Kishi Kamikaze, Katanas slasher

A 27″, lavishly illustrated, double-sided game board depicting the Katanas home arena: the Lab!

Unique and all new game board art with new rules for fighting the samurai in their home dome!

The majestic Japanese castle that graces the top of the Honshu Tek Arcology houses The Dojo arena, home to the Katanas slaughterball team. Unlike other home arenas with extra spikes, goals, or power-ups, the Dojo employs a more elegant architectural change: smaller pits. With less room for opponents to maneuver, the fast Katanas butchers can chop down victims with brutal frequency.

Plastic athletes not included. A complete game of Slaughterball (sold separately) is required to use this expansion game board.

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The Dojo: Octagon and Hexagon sides




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