Team Arena #6: Gruesomes


“If fans boo me when I walk into the arena they're just mad that I'm going to demolish their team.” – Ivan Lundgren, Gruesomes butcher

A 27″, lavishly illustrated, double-sided game board depicting the Gruesomes home arena: the Lab!

Unique and all new game board art with new rules for fighting the monsters in their home dome!

A gothic arena broods at the heart of the Wallachian Metroplex: The Lab.  Massive generators shoot lightning into the gloomy sky and into the arena itself! Random bolts of electrical doom arc across the pits, posing dreadful hazards that can stagger even the mighty butchers.

Plastic athletes not included. A complete game of Slaughterball (sold separately) is required to use this expansion game board.

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The Lab: Octagon and Hexagon sides




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