Team Arena #2: Nemesis



“In the arena of neohuman strife, the honors and rewards go to those who show their good qualities in action.” – Aristotle Kepler, Nemesis cleaver

A 27″, lavishly illustrated, double-sided game board depicting the Nemesis home arena: the Core!

Unique and all new game board art with new rules for fighting the blue crew in their home dome!

Gleaming ominously atop the colossal Nanotronix Arcology, the Core is a glossy black arena scintillating with blue neon highlights and vivid prismatic ads. Amidst seething glitz and glory, luminous golden holo-rings beckon, promising random strategic benefits to anyone brutal enough to exploit them.

Plastic athletes not included. A complete game of Slaughterball (sold separately) is required to use this expansion game board.

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Product Description

The Core: Octagon and Hexagon sides




Special Rules for the Core

All athletes in the Core can use the following two skills:

Strategic Enhancement: When standing upright on a power-up space, take a Special action to draw one card from the strategy deck.

Power cache (exhibition and league games only): When standing upright on a power-up space, take a Special action to knock yourself down. No points are awarded for this. Take one edge token of your choice from the supply. This simulates the athlete opening a small cache in the floor to grab a holotrophy that grants the coach a bonus.

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