Team #5: Fury


“Teams that win are fast and furious. We're faster and furiouser than any other team. And we have fangs.” – Maha Maha, Fury butcher

With the devastating skills of Savagery and Furious Chop, these genetically-engineered tiger-human hybrids can really slice through opponents. But be careful, their lighter armor makes them more fragile than other teams, and their vicious talons make it difficult to handle the ball.

This Slaughterball expansion team includes 12 large plastic athlete figures and a team reference card.


No assembly required.

A complete game of Slaughterball (sold separately) is required to use this expansion team.

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Product Description

Fury is a team of powerful and savage cat-human hybrids with vicious claws and terrible fangs. They are the most ferocious team in the Slaughterball league and can shred opposing athletes with ease.

However, they are very inept at handling the ball, and their razors are the worst shooters in the league. Fortunately, Fury razors are also the fastest, so they can usually get pretty close to the goals to take easy shots.

So, you’re not going to win on goals. You better pounce on your opponents and do some damage. Thanks to the Savagery skill, you’ll be racking up the slaughter points. Don’t save those reactive cards (Penalty, Lost Momentum, etc.). You need to be sacrificing your cards to send opponents to the Slaughter Box early. Soon enough your opponents will team up against you to eliminate your butchers and slashers. So, attack with them early and often.

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